Whale Tour

Costa Rica is so rich in nature and beautiful animals, and whale watching cannot be missed during your tour.

Whales in Costa Rica

There are two seasons when the whales visit Costa Rica. From December through March and from July through October. Why are they here? whales are migrating animals. The population either swims from North to South America or vice versa along the Pacific coast in search of pleasant water temperatures, nutrition and breeding. The latter makes it even more fun, we regularly see a baby whale with its mother here!

Seeing these colossus in real life is like nothing else to compare. Beautiful to see tails and ridges of these huge mammals, and who knows: he might jump for you… The humpback whales grow up to fifteen meters and pass Costa Rica from both the south and north, so you can see whales almost all year round.

Witropa knows all the details about when and where to optimal spot these whales. Contact us immediately if your itinerary is known, then we will fit the whale tour in it. This highlight is not to be missed!