Turtle tour

The highlight of many people during their Costa Rica vacation is spotting a giant tortoise. Not only can you see them swimming, you can also book various tours to see them come ashore and lay their eggs! Watching a giant tortoise lay eggs in front of you is unique in Costa Rica and in the world. A real must-see experience!

Types of turtles

In Costa Rica, about five different turtles come ashore to lay eggs. At least three of them are often spotted. Especially the Olive Ridly and Kemp Ridley turtles are easy to behold, when they arrive to the beach with 1000s at the same time to lay their eggs! But also the big Leatherback is an often spotted turtle.

Endangered species

As you may already know, the turtle is an endangered species due to hunting, because turtles and their eggs are eaten. There are various tours and projects in which you can take part in to protecting these animals. The attempts that Costa Rica has made to protect the turtle population in recent decades seem to work! With Witropa Travel you can actively participate in one of these projects. Please indicate this in your quote request!

Do you want to add a turtle tour to your vacation? That is possible, of course. We are happy to look where you come close to a turtle beach. Depending on the period and location, we can organize a tour for you. This is always accompanied by an experienced guide.

Contact us right away, and we’ll show you where to see turtles laying eggs!