Swimming at waterfall

You have just taken a walk through one of the cities in Costa Rica, or you have undertaken an exciting activity. Then you get in the car en route to your next destination. After a few hours of driving you can hear the roar of a waterfall in the distance through your open window. It is time to take a dip!

Waterfalls in Costa Rica

In a mountainous country like Costa Rica, with abundant rainfall, it is therefore filled with waterfalls. They come in all shapes and sizes: wide high, or narrow short, and everything in between. They are all equally beautiful and special, but if you can also take a dip, the experience is complete! Cooling off in a waterfall, which you will pass along the way, is the perfect activity to relax for a while, enjoy it, and then continue your journey.

Contact us and let us know your route, then we will see which beautiful waterfalls you can see along the way. Most you can visit independently.

Some waterfalls are hidden deep in the forest and can be reached after a nice walk or horseback ride. The hidden treasures.