Spotting Birds

One of the activities that should not be missing on your vacation in Costa Rica is bird watching. Costa Rica is not only known for its beautiful beaches and nature, but you will also encounter dozens of beautiful birds. During a walk through the jungle, an experienced guide will tell you what beautiful birds and other animals you´ll see, Even if it is difficult to see them, he knows the sounds of many birds surrounding you.

Types of birds

All kinds of birds can be seen during a hike. You have probably seen pictures of toucans, macaws, quetzals, hummingbirds and other beautifully colored birds on the internet. You can find them all here in real life!

Where can you spot birds well?

They fly all over the country, but not everyone can take a good picture. That is why we are in contact with a number of guides (spread across the country) in different nature areas, who know the right places to see them. Every round trip has different places where you can spot birds. Are you looking for a special bird? We can contact the right guide to make sure you´ll see it. Please note that some birds migrate during different seasons.

What is your favorite bird you want to see in Costa Rica? Contact us, and we will tell you where you can spot that bird.