Spotting animals

If you get busy despite the free time, it is undoubtedly due to spotting animals. You can spot animals everywhere, for example along the road, at most lodges, or during your hikes or other activities. For example, you suddenly encounter a toucan, but also hummingbirds, agoutis, black iguanas, or howler monkeys are never far away. There are so many opportunities to see beautiful animals that you have never seen so close before.

Spotting animals with a guide

There are a lot of different tours that you can book where you can search for specific animal species with a guide. Of course there are seasons when you see certain animal species in more or less quantity, such as whales, giant turtles and migratory birds. However, we can assure you that you will be amazed.

We would like to give you some tips to be sure that you do not overlook any animal. For example, take binoculars with you in your suitcase and be alert during the day. It can just happen that a sloth is sleeping in the bushes that you walk by, so cool!

Which animals would you like to see?

Do you have this activity high on your wishlist? That is convenient. Here in Costa Rica we have the knowledge and contacts to make these wishes possible. We won´t send you to a zoo, but we know where and when you can see specific animals. Please let us know so we can ensure that you will see the animals you came for to Costa Rica.