River boat tour

One of the best ways to discover Costa Rica is by taking a boat trip on the river. When you go through the river, you will see all kinds of animals because there is less vegetation along the riverbanks. So sit back on your boat and try to spot some animals yourself!

What kind of animals can you see on a boat trip along the river?

During the boat trip there are hundreds of bird species that you can see, and other animals such as monkeys, caimans, turtles, the famous Jesus Christ lizard, iguanas and sloths are regularly spotted. Less easy but also spotted are otters, tapirs, manatees, dolphins, crocodiles, jaguars and the tayra.

On most round trips you can make several boat trips. Do you want to know where you can make the best boat trip in your own customized tour? Please feel free to contact us and we will look together for the best boat trips.