Do you like some action and adventure during your vacation? Alternate your activities with some water fun on the river. You have probably already seen some beautiful waterfalls, but if you dare, rafting is a nice extra addition to your trip full of adrenaline!

What is rafting?

You may already know the word. Actually, rafting means going spectacularly down the whitewater river in a dinghy! It is one of the most exciting excursions in Costa Rica. You can choose to do this for a few hours, but there are also multiple day tours, including a unique overnight stay along the river.

How does it work?

Experience the sloshing wild water in a boat, and go down the mountains with a group of six people guided by an experienced boatsman. It will be a breathtaking experience and it can be done at multiple locations throughout the year. It is not only the river with its sloshing water, but also the beautiful nature along the way, that takes your breath away

Do you want to know where you can raft during your trip? Please contact us, and we will let you experience the tour with even more details about rafting.