National Park

Visiting a nature park is one of the must-do activities in Costa Rica. It is not without reason that Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world: 25% of the countries surface is protected nature reserve! Thanks to this nature conservation, there is a lot of flora and fauna to admire… one nature park is even more beautiful than the other. When you hear people about their visit to Costa Rica, everyone talks about the beautiful nature reserves.

What kind of nature parks can you expect in Costa Rica?

There are 28 National Parks in Costa Rica and numerous other protected (private) reserves. Thanks to our extensive travel description, you can visit some parks independently, both on travel days on the road and in one of the various destinations.

Each park has different highlights and is unique. There is a lot of variation between them, but we know them all! It is difficult to visit all nature parks, during your stay, but if you let us know which parks you prefer, we can easily adjust your vacation.

What would you like to see in such a nature park? Tell us right away and we’ll send you to those parks that are waiting for you to discover.