Jungle walk

Walk through the jungle of Costa Rica, a must-do for hiking enthusiasts and animal spotters. The diversity and vibrancy of the forest makes you addicted! There are many types of jungle in Costa Rica, each with its own characteristics and challenges. Many hikes you can do independently: for example on the hotel property, somewhere on the road or in a nature park. You can do other walks with a guide. The advantage of walking with a guide is that he can tell you a lot of information about the area and he can point out exotic plants and animals that you would otherwise never will notice!

Something for everyone

A walk through the jungle is for everyone, for all ages and interests. The differences between hikes are in the duration of the walks, the severity and what you can see along the way. Would you like to find more excitement? Then go for a more intense hike. Do you like to view all nature around you? Then choose a shorter guided hike.

If hiking through the jungle is on your bucket list, please mention it when planning your vacation. In that case, we will make sure that you come along beautiful places, or we will book some extra tours for you with this activity. Let us know what you are looking for, so that we can optimize your Costa Rica experience..