Hummingbird garden

They literally whiz around your ears… hummingbirds! You can see up to 60 different species in this garden, and you can photograph them well. The wonderful thing about these birds is that they can remain still in the air while flying. This is one of the reasons to bring your camera!

About the Hummingbird

The hummingbird has a long beak with which it can collect food. Think of nectar from flowers or sugar water. The sugar water is added to the plastic food bowls. These bowls are made in such a way that insects can´t get in, but only the beak of the hummingbird.

Garden in the woods

The hummingbird garden is in the forest, but countless hummingbirds in different colors fly by, some fly very fast. In this garden, admire not only beautiful birds but also other animals that are worth spotting. Surrounded by these beautiful animals in an amazing green scenery, you will feel magical.

What is your favorite hummingbird? Let us know , and we’ll send you to the hummingbird garden on your vacation.