Evening walk

An evening hike in Costa Rica… If you fancy a bit of adrenaline, go into the jungle with a guide after dark. One scares it off, while the other loves the excitement.

Why go into the jungle at night?

When you visit the jungle in the dark you will get a completely different experience than during the day. Of course there are also other animals that you don´t see during the day. Think of opposums, curly-tailed bears, the unique magaly heron or even an ocelot. We recommend that you´ll bring a flashlight from home to be able to spot some animals even better. Just hearing the sounds when you walk around in the dark through the jungle is amazing.

What can you expect?

A guide will lead you with flashlights. He or she can definitely tell you a lot about the local flora and fauna. The evening hike will take about two hours and can be done in several parts of the country. Of course you’ll get all recommendations about what to wear, or what to bring with you in advance.

Do you want to know where you can do evening hikes on your tour? Please contact us directly to see if this is for you.