Are you in for some more action, but do you also love nature? Then the crocodile tour is for you! In addition to smaller caimans, Costa Rica also has large American crocodiles, which can grow up to 5 meters. Do you dare to come close?

The water between the crocodiles

The crocodiles like to spend their time lounging on the river bank, which makes it easy to see them. Sometimes they appear right next to the boat! On this boat trip other reptiles are spotted such as iguanas and lizards, and also many water birds, such as the osprey, macaws and the tiger heron.

Where do you spot the crocodiles?

Of course you don’t spot these animals on the corner of every street. The easiest way to see crocodiles are on the Tarcoles river, but if you do not come along during your tour, we also know other places where you can see crocodiles, such as at Palo Verde.

Do you already know which tour you are going to book? Please contact us and we will show you where you can see crocodiles.