Corcovado is a large nature reserve in the south Pacific region of Costa Rica. Witropa offers a lodge in the very best location. From here you can visit all the highlights of Corcovado. Think about snorkeling at Caño Island, whale watching or visiting the real Corcovado near the Sirena ranger station. Here you will find the tapir, collared boar and four monkey species, among others. Different activities are also possible, such as horseback riding on deserted beaches or evening hikes. And of course you can visit the bounty beaches of Corcovado without limits.

The location of Corcovado

Corcovado is sometimes confused with the Osa peninsula where the national park is located. It is quite a journey to get to Corcovado, so we recommend a good preparation. You can also inquire for our newsletter to receive tips and trivia before heading to Costa Rica. It will give you information about what to bring with you, so you can be sure that you are well prepared.

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