Coffee tour

Costa Rica would never have known today’s development without its trade in coffee. It was the introduction of arabica coffee that first put our tropical country on the map of global economy. It is not without reason that most wealthy families still originate from the first big coffee farmers in the 19th century.

Tasting during the different coffee tours

There are various coffee tours, spread across Costa Rica, where a guide takes you into the world of coffee. It is nice to see is how the process of harvesting and producing coffee works. Definitely there will be extensive tasting on this tour! You´ll get a nice cup of coffee and hear why Starbucks is actually a cup of waste.

A coffee tour in Costa Rica cannot be done everywhere due to the height (between 800 and 1400 meters above sea level) of the coffee plantations. But you can definitely do this excursion somewhere within your roundtrip, for example immediately upon arrival in San José, or later during your vacation.

Please contact us so that we can see which mountain areas you can visit for an informative coffee tour.