Canopy tour

Have you always wanted to swing like a Tarzan or Jane through the forest? Now you can! And you will definitely not regret it! There are several locations in Costa Rica where you can do a canopy tour. The name Canopy means: the upper part of the jungle. Moving by cables through the ‘canopy of the jungle’ was created by biological researchers who transported themselves in this way in the early days. It was so much fun that they decided to make it accessible for tourists.

Cables up to 1 kilometer long!

A canopy tour consists of a route of several cables between treetops in the forest. You can swing from one treetop to another. You can enjoy the view of the forest on the platforms between the cables. Of course you are well secured in a safety harness, which is clicked onto the cables that you hang on. Guides on both platforms will help you transfer to the next cable. He or she will also help you how to regulate your speed

In the beginning the cables are quite short, so you can get used to it and practice. When you are a bit more experienced, the cables can reach up to 1 kilometer length! Not only does this add some action, adrenaline and adventure to your tour, you also discover nature in a completely different way. Are you not sure whether this is for you? A race through the jungle on a cable will be fun for young and old!

There are several canopy tours, but not all are even spectacular. The canopy tour in Monteverde is our favorite! Do you want to know where you can do this? Then contact us now!