The above places will be visited during this 16 day tour. Are there any destinations that you would rather not visit or are you missing some destinations? That is no problem at all with Witropa Travel. We can customize it easily. We are also happy to arrange your stay in Costa Rica a few days longer or shorter. Click on the quote button and inquire for a customized vacation.

Below you can see where the places in Costa Rica are, that you will visit during this 16 day tour.


You can read the itinerary of this trip in the “from day to day” tab.

The other two tabs give a wonderful impression of our “accommodations” and “activities.” Is information still missing? Please contact us so we can arrange your Costa Rica dream trip that you have in mind. The tour price of 1295 euros can be subject to surcharges in the local high season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April.

Included in this trip:

  • Accommodation in attractive, small-scale lodges with breakfast
  • Outstanding service; before and during the trip (direct contact via whatsapp)
  • Transfers airport-hotel and visa versa
  • 24-hour English spoken support
  • Guide, boat & bus transport in Tortuguero
  • Extensive Travel Description with nice local tips while traveling on the road and on destination, such as photogenic spots, good restaurants, wildlife spots, cozy bars, amazing viewpoints and various activities
  • Spacious 4×4 rental car with basic insurance, free 2nd driver, unlimited mileage and drop-offs at the hotel or airport
  • Local taxes, reservation- and booking costs

NEW! If you choose a Full Coverage car insurance policy you will get a GPS or WIFI in the car for FREE!

Exclusive in this trip:

  • Flight tickets
  • Travel- & cancellation insurance
  • Other excursions, meals, entrance fees & tips
  • High season Surcharge (between December and April)

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San José

Day 1
Welcome to Costa Rica! Upon arrival at the airport you will be warmly welcomed by our driver and brought to your hotel. Recover from your flight with a tasty welcome cocktail in the hotel bar.

San José information »



Day 2
Today you will be picked up early in the morning but you will soon be surprised by the breathtaking view of the green mountains. You´ll swing through the mountain range that brings you to the Atlantic side of the country. Once downstairs you will be introduced to your first local breakfast with the typical “gallo pinto”, salsa lizano, fresh fruit, egg, sandwiches and of course Costa Rican coffee! These days in Tortuguero are programmed in a package where transportation, a hike and a visit to the village are already arranged. You even get a local guide so you can sit back, and fully enjoy the beautiful nature that passes by everywhere, you will be amazed … After a short visit to the simple Caribbean village of Tortuguero, you will arrive to the lodge that is beautifully situated in the jungle. Between July and October the giant green turtle crawls onto the beach to lay her eggs, which is an unforgettable experience to see.

Day 3
During your stay in Tortuguero you will travel by boat through the beautiful national park of Tortuguero and see many wildlife such as howler monkeys, parrots, tiger herons, caimans, even sea cows and jaguars have been spotted … There are no cars or roads in the “Amazon of Costa Rica”. The guide will introduce you to the program, and you can certainly take a boat trip to spot animals and take photos. The guide will also tell you a lot about the various flora and fauna in the wetland. There are so many stories to tell about this country with the most biodiversity per square meter in the world. Don’t forget to photograph the green frog with the red eyes that lives here. Without flash, because that is harmful for the 8 centimeters long animal. You will also see the “Blue Jeans” variant and brightly colored lizards suddenly jumping over your path.

Tortuguero information»


Puerto Viejo

Day 4
After a last boat trip through the beautiful green water jungle of Tortuguero you will return to civilization at a town called Guapiles. This is also the place where you will receive your rental car. Say goodbye to the guide and continue your vacation independently. We have arranged a spacious 4 wheel drive car for you, so you can travel comfortably and safely even on bumpy roads and in the mountains. Thanks to our sublime route description you can easily find your way and we will provide you with various special places to stop and “things to do” between destinations. Once at the hotel, you have had tropical adventures and countless photos on your memory card!

Day 5
Your Costa Rica adventure has just begun. In this relaxed area of Puerto Viejo you can experience the different Caribbean vibes. Do you prefer something active? Visit the numerous beaches and hidden bays, using Witropa’s route description,and go snorkelling, hiking in the Cahuita National Park or visit a waterfall in the mountains of Talamanca. Do you prefer to blend in with the local culture? You will have to choose between the ‘laid back’ atmosphere of locals with Jamaican roots, the Br Bri Indians with their 1000s and years of history and infinite knowledge of nature or the modern tourist bars and restaurants in the village where it is always nice … The South Caribbean has it all. Relax in a hammock on your private terrace or relax on the beautiful beach with a view on the blue Caribbean Sea. Don’t forget to taste the local cuisine: the typical “rice and beans” dishes with coconut milk and Caribbean sauces are delicious!

Puerto Viejo information»



Day 6
Today you will leave the east coast and you can prepare yourself to see one of the most famous volcanoes of the country. During your travel day, Witropa’s route description allows you to make various nice stops, for example at a banana packing hall, a local bakery, a bridge full of green iguanas, and at various typical fruit stands along the side ofone the road. In the afternoon you will arrive at volcano Arenal. You still have time to visit of the highlights: bathe in lovely thermal water which is naturally heated by the volcano. The view of the volcano from the hotel is breathtaking …

Day 7
Today there are plenty of options to do: you can take a dip at the waterfall of Fortuna, go bird watching at the Caño Negro reserve, fish on Lake Arenal or do one of the adrenaline tours such as canyoning, repelling, or hike through dense jungle to visit a volcano crater. The Witropa customers usually come back very enthusiastic from their hike with guide Antonio. He will take you to the flanks of the Arenal volcano, partly over old lava and through a green jungle, where wild animals such as monkeys, chachalacas, parasol ants and the Oropendola bird with its famous golden-yellow tail often are spotted. The guide not only knows much about the local flora and fauna, but he also knows everything about the imposing Arenal volcano.

Arenal information»


Rincón de la Vieja

Day 8
Once on your way to Rincon de la Vieja, don’t drive too fast because there is so much to see again. Today you will drive through 3 different landscapes with beautiful views, chances to spot toucans, monkeys and nose bears in the jungle, and you will drive along the beautifully situated reservoir of Arenal. Our travel description shows you the way again, so make sure your camera is charged! Our favorite coffee or lunch stop cannot be missed, they have the tastiest sandwiches, tropical cakes and fruit drinks in the country. You can also visit the National Park Rio Celeste, where you can see an amazing light blue waterfall and its lagoons. In the afternoon you will arrive in the province of Guanacaste, the country’s “cowboy region” with its large livestock farms on fincas and unique dry tropical climate.

Day 9
Because of the exceptionally dry weather in this area, the vegetation here is different: savannah-like plains are interspersed with jungle, where strangling trees, spine plants and the red “naked Indian” tree can be seen. Between the months of December and May, when there is barely a drop of rain, various trees come into bloom, resulting in the most beautiful color combinations. The active Rincón de la Vieja volcano comes with surprises: sulfur lakes, mini craters and boiling mud. You can visit it all in the National Park, where there is also a chance of spotting spider monkeys, large ratites such as the Hokko, and perhaps an armadillo. The lodge is beautifully enclosed in nature. You can walk around and listen to whistling birds fly by. Relax in the tropical garden, hammock or hotel bar.

Rincón de la Vieja information»



Day 10
You will leave the volcanoes behind and head towards Samara at the Pacific Ocean, still in Guanacaste. This province is named after the national tree of Costa Rica, which you will see a lot along the way. Cows are using them because they offer a lot of shade. After all the beautiful nature hikes, activities in the mountains and volcanoes, there is now time to relax at sea. Samara is located on a beautiful beach, and the village is full of fun. Atmospheric restaurants in the beach sand, hangout spots and swinging bars can all be found within walking distance of the hotel. Enjoy the view of the azure blue sea under a palm tree, drink from a coconut, watch the pelicans dive down to catch fish and take a dip in the hotel pool.

Day 11
For those who want to do something more active, you can take a boat to spot dolphins and turtles, and sometimes there are even whales. You can snorkel and enjoy the colored fish and coral underwater. There is also a mangrove area that you can visit by boat, kayak or stand up paddle. Horse riding is also possible. And of course Witropa Travel has a few tips not to be missed in the travel description!

Samara information»



Day 12
You will return to the green mountains today. Monteverde says it all, because it means “green mountain”. Along the way we have a unique stop for you where protected birds fly around, you will drive past a gold mining town and you will have to make stops to capture the breathtaking views. In clear skies you can see the ocean again, but now with beautiful natural landscapes in the foreground. The rainbows here are world famous and sometimes seem to hit the ground right next to you. The last part of the way, you will drive on gravel roads through small farming hamlets. Feel free to wave to the residents, they are the most friendly. In Monteverde you can take a walk into the forest, who knows: you might have an encounter with an agouti, hummingbird or motmot bird. And don’t forget our dining tips, such as the Treehouse, which is very attractively built around a large tree.

Day 13
Monteverde is known for its beautiful cloudforest: this is a mountain forest that has an extremely high diversity of plants that only occurs between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level. Up to 70 different plant species can grow on just one tree! Ferns, mosses, palm species, climbing plants, and so on, complete office gardens bloom before your eyes. You can experience this in several ways: hiking, over suspension bridges or swinging on a cable car, called the canopy tour. This exciting excursion once started with biologists doing research into the roof (canopy) of the jungle. Nowadays you can feel like Tarzan and Jane zipping through the beautiful forest. But there is much more to do in Monteverde: there are evening hikes in the dark, horse riding excursions, or a butterfly or insect garden.

Monteverde information»


Manuel Antonio

Day 14
Vamos a la Playa! First we will drive down while enjoying spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. Then there is time for a fresh mango or pineapple juice, or try local fruits such as “cas” or “guanabana”. Along the way we know a place where you can drink it on a terrace with a view of a tropical river. Continue south along the Pacific coast to the attractive beaches of Manuel Antonio. Don’t forget to first take a look at the crocodiles in the river near Tarcoles; there are some huge ones lying on the riverbank! Once the blue ocean and waving palm trees are in sight, you are close to today’s destination … We have arranged the best possible location for you: within walking distance of the beach and almost next to the Manuel Antonio National Park, with its wildlife, tropical rainforest and white beaches.

Day 15
Of course your last complete day in Costa Rica must be spent in a fantastic way. Visit the National Park in the morning and enjoy the ease with which you can see animals here, such as raccoons, skulls and sloths. The different bays in the National Park are are of true paradise beauty. Outside the park you can relax on the beach, in one of the cozy tents by the sea for a “pura vida” cocktail or in the hotel swimming pool. In the afternoon, recover from all the experiences you had during your Witropa tour and end it with a delicious meal while enjoying some live music. We recommend a restaurant where you can also photograph unforgettable sunsets.

Manuel Antonio information»



Dag 16
Day 16
Today you will be driving back to the Central Valley and returning your car to the car rental near the airport. We hope you have fully enjoyed your vacation in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Whether you like adventure, spotting animals or relaxing on a beach, there is something for everyone in between! Below you will find the best activities at a glance..

What do they cost and how long do the activities last?
Because you can do some activities at multiple destinations, and we already give other activities away for free in our Travel Description, there are no prizes mentioned here. Weather conditions and seasons can also influence where and when you can best do a certain activity. Take into account you will spend around 30 to 45 Euro per person for guided hiking, boat and culture excursions. They last about 2 to 3 hours. Adrenaline activities such as Canopy, Rafting, Horse Riding and Tubing are more or less around 50 Euro and will take a little longer. There are also tours that take an extra long time and go up to 70 Euro such as whale watching or the even more expensive excursions in Corcovado. We will always propose an optional package to our client in advance, based on the indicated requirements. Examples of the free tours en route are: animal hotspots, nature parks, viewpoints, nice restaurants and swimming at a waterfall. Would you like to know more about the activities that are on your route or do you have another burning question? Contact us immediately and we will be happy to help you further.

Latest News: from 2020 a kind of VAT tax (called IVA) of 13% will be raised in Costa Rica. Please note that our prices for the (optional) excursion package include these taxes! You will never pay more for those activities in advance, than if you would pay on site.

Reliable contacts
Witropa Travel not only knows the nicest places in Costa Rica, but also has reliable contacts everywhere. Because we ourselves are located in Costa Rica, we can switch quickly, and arrange the right activities and locations with professional reliable Tour operators with fun and capable guides.


Witropa Travel carefully selects their accommodations. We offer a wide range in which nature is the central theme everywhere. We hardly work with typical ‘hotel rooms’. Where possible, we offer detached bungalows, houses or even special tree houses or tents. There is always at least 1 highlight, such as: beautiful views, close to a tropical beach, located on the edge of a nature park or in a flowering tropical garden. Privacy is also of paramount importance. Usually you will have a private terrace or balcony so you can optimally enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of your accommodation. The accommodations are also subdivided into standard or luxury rooms, so that you can spend the nights more comfortable if you like. Do you have questions or doubts? Please contact us to tell us your wishes or preferences. Below is an overview of what you can expect.

San José

At an altitude of 1170 meters, surrounded by coffee plantations, lies the cosmopolitan capital of Costa Rica, San José. With almost 340,000 inhabitants, San José is rightfully called the beating heart of Costa Rica!


The Arenal National Park is home to the active volcano El Arenal of the same name. The park has a beautiful surrounding rainforest where you can take walks between wildlife, have amazing views on the volcano and walk over real lava rocks from earlier eruptions.


The best kept “secret” of Costa Rica is the protected Tortuguero National Park. Tortuguero is one of the most important breeding grounds for the green sea turtle and has an enormous green park full of small rivers, canals and lagoons. In addition, no fewer than 400 bird species and 150 mammal species have been documented!


The city and municipality of Sarapiqui is located in the northeast of Costa Rica. It lies between two rivers that are perfect for rafting. The great biodiversity also makes this a true paradise for lovers of flora and fauna.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a true paradise for its wildlife, Jamaican subculture, its food and laid back atmosphere. The many coconut palm beaches make it complete to swim, surf or just doing nothing for a few days!

Rio Celeste

Located in the northwest of Costa Rica, Rio Celeste, an azure water source that is also called the hidden gem of Costa Rica, is the real attraction in this area!

Rincón de la Vieja

Rincon de la Vieja National Park is one of the best parks in Costa Rica. The active volcano allows you to bathe or swim in various hot springs. Also adrenaline junkies can enjoy themselves here, for example by “tubing” through the river!


Horse riding, snorkeling, boat excursions, mangrove tours, you will not get bored in this small beach paradise. You will not encounter many tourists here, so relaxing on your “own beach” under a palm tree is certainly another possibility!


Monteverde is a private reserve at an altitude of 1500-1850 meters with several cloud forests. The reserve even has a true “skywalk” of suspension bridges where you literally walk with your head in the clouds and can spot the most diverse flora & fauna.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is the smallest national park in Costa Rica. However, nowhere else you can see so much wildlife in half a day. With beaches like “Playa Manuel Antonio” and more beaches close by plus cozy bars and restaurants, manual Antonio has lots to offer.


Corcovado is known for its unspoilt nature and is ideal for a tough walk. On Caño island you can snorkel and dive for dolphins and whales!


Uvita is a wonderful, not very touristy place where you can spot whales and dolphins, enjoy amazing views over the ocean, swim at waterfalls or visit the “Whale thale”, at low tide!


Dominical is best known as a surf paradise. The high, strong waves are ideal for advanced surfers. In the evening, many locals head to the beach for good food and lounging.

San Gerardo

Op 2200 meter hoogte ligt San Gerardo. De belangrijkste inwoner van dit natuurgebied is natuurlijk de Quetzal vogel. Naast de Quetzal zijn er nog ruim 200 vogelsoorten te spotten. Hiken door deze prachtige vallei met verschillende watervallen is een must!

Caño Negro

The Caño Negro nature reserve should not be missing in your trip through Costa Rica! The park is no less than 10,000 hectares. For bird lovers Caño Negro a true paradise. In addition to birds, the area also boasts a very large number of spotting mammals.

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