Mark: “When we saw two Witropa frogs sitting there, the journey was complete.”

Sarapiqui is a small village located in the northeastern part of Costa Rica. The nature surrounding the village has a great biodiversity, so the Sarapiqui area attracts many nature lovers and bird watchers. Furthermore, two rivers meet at the village, namely Rio Puerto Viejo and Rio Sarapiqui, which make the nature and the flora and fauna of the village even more unique.

Sarapiqui: bird watchers` paradise

The nature reserve surrounding the village of Sarapiqui is home to various species of birds, which you cannot miss due to the bright colors of these animals. Many bird watchers visit Sarapiqui to see the brightly colored birds with their own eyes, and for good reason, because you will certainly not encounter these birds in Europe. If you bring your camera, you can take the most beautiful photos. Other animals that you´ll see in the nature reserve around the village are different types of frogs, toads and insects. Just like the birds, these animals also have unique and bright colors.

Rafting at Sarapiqui

As mentioned earlier, Sarapiqui is located on two rivers. The Sarapiqui River in particular is very suitable for water activities such as rafting. In fact, the Sarapiqui River is one of the most popular rivers in Costa Rica among rafters, because you can raft on this river for about  35 kilometers long. Whether you are a beginner or have often entered wild rivers to raft, the river consists of various sections and is accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the river is not only known as the best rafting spot, but many people also know the Sarapiqui River as the cleanest river in Costa Rica.

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