Rio Celeste

Leo: “Truly the most beautiful park of all! And easy to do between two destinations with the directions from Witropa. ”

Rio Celeste is an celestial water source located in the middle of a dense tropical forest. The river is also referred to as Costa Rica’s hidden gem, and for good reason. The unique blue color of the water is what makes this place so special. According to the local legend, the river got this special color when God painted the sky and washed his blue brushes into the river. How the river really got its color is more down to earth chemistry, but the color certainly makes the Rio Celeste a special experience.

The waterfall of the Rio Celeste

The Rio Celeste has a waterfall, which you will first see, visiting  Rio Celeste. The steep descent to the waterfall is not easy to make, but well worth it. Once you have reached the waterfall, you will physically come into contact with this special natural phenomenon when the water from the waterfall splashes from the rocks right into your face. And where the Rio Celeste already has a unique color as standard, the special color of the river is even more striking when you see the light blue lagoons, surrounded by lush green forest.

In the typical Costa Rican village of Bijagua, a few kilometers from the park, you will get in touch with the locals. These locals are  very friendly and welcoming, and happy to tell you more about the park and the green environment.

The animals at the Rio Celeste

Different types of animals live in the nature reserve that surrounds the Rio Celeste. If you are lucky, you will see the so-called blue morpho butterflies fluttering near the waterfall of the river. These are big butterflies, which have the same blue color as the water of the river. If you are really at the right time in the nature reserve to visit the river and the waterfall, you can even come into contact with groups of tapirs that live in the tropical forest.

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