Add an extra low budget activity to your tour? If you like swimming, snorkeling is a must in Costa Rica! Be surprised by the beautiful underwater world at the many different beaches

Snorkel everywhere!

Costa Rica is the perfect country for snorkeling. You can explore the water in the Caribbean – and the Pacific Sea. Because a large part of the land and the sea is protected by the government, Costa Rica has the greatest diversity in the world! The chance is very small that you will spot the same fish if you do this activity at several different locations during your holiday.

Spotting fish

The number of fish you can see is promising, there are places where you can see reef sharks, sea turtles and coral reef. One fish is even more colored than the other. Do you want to travel at the right time to see the most beautiful fish? Come between January and April, because the water condition is optimal in those months. Please note: be always aware of big waves and riptides. Do you want to swim around quietly? Choose a safe bay, be informed or have a guided snorkeling tour. .

To dive

Diving is also possible for enthusiasts, but there must be a really good visibility underwater. This is related to the microclimates in Costa Rica. For example, when there is a lot of rainfall, the water on the coast can become cloudy due to waves and muddy water that flows into the sea through streams and rivers, which causes turbid water. But we know the best diving spots in Costa Rica, resulted in many happy Witropa divers before you.

Do you want to see special fish or know when the timing is best for you to see the underwater world? Let us know your preference and travel time and we will ensure that you will not miss the most beautiful beaches and colored fishes.