About Witropa

Willem’s Tropical Paradise (Wi-Tro-Pa) was established in 2008. Dutch owner Willem Pothof has lived and worked in Costa Rica for over 16 years. We have an office in the Central Valley of Costa Rica and are not dependent on other organizations or intermediaries. Witropa Travel arranges everything down to the last detail and always does so with great enthusiasm! Our goal is to process your holiday wishes in a personal way, quickly and competently into a tour through the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

Shortly after the turn of the century, Willem Pothof first arrived in Costa Rica. Soon he fell in love with the overwhelming nature. After an exotic meeting at a waterfall with a local Tica, he was completely sold and decided to settle in the tropical paradise.

For years he guided tours for various travel organizations during this period: Summum Reizen, Koning Aap, Baobab, Shoestring, Orion, Holland International, Fox, Sawadee, Edventure and Kras. In this way Willem got to know Central America well and he also discovered the various travel wishes of the customer. In his spare time, he also traveled and spent a lot of time finding unique places. In 2008 he founded the company Witropa.

Taking into account all the holiday wishes of the traveler, we have been making unique Custom Holidays in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua ever since. Thanks to the trusted local network with extensive on-site contacts, Witropa Travel is well aware of current conditions and is permanently available to the customer. Personal, reliable and 24-hour contact are therefore of paramount importance. In addition, we provide fast and adequate service both before and during the trip.

Staff members

Lulu Gross is now the hub of all reservations, Allan Mora takes care of the electronic invoices for tax returns, Lisette Juffermans is responsible for Operations and all requests and our webmaster and marketing department are located in the Netherlands. In addition to Dutch, Spanish, English and German are also spoken.

Witropa Travel is registered with the government as Witropa S.A. under registration number (´cedula juridica´): 3 – 101 – 535129.

We distinguish ourselves in the following:

  • Local and Personal contact in Costa Rica without an intermediary
  • Available 24/7
  • English spoken, also Spanish, Dutch and German
  • Extensive Travel description with all kinds of fun Tips for along the way
  • Practical information about photogenic spots, good restaurants, wildlife cuttings, bars and various activities
  • Possibility to stay with a local family
  • Unique destinations and accommodations
  • Excellent service, before and during the trip
  • Witropa Travel listens to what the customer wants