Making a long vacation with children to a far and unknown country… is it an unforgettable experience or could you better stay at home?

For many travelers, a long trip with children seems impossible. Often assumptions are made that this would not be safe, or that there is not enough to do for young children. However, the opposite is true. Taking a long journey with your child is an unforgettable adventure for the both of you!

The family trip has become one of our best-selling trips. After all, a child doesn’t need much to entertain himself and have fun. There is plenty to see when you hit the road. Plants, animals, people, special places and activities. In addition, there is the warm climate, and a pool or the tropical sea to play in. Resumed: Costa Rica is a great paradise for children. Being in another culture, surrounded by nature can affect your child in a very positive way. I can assure you that no matter what age your children are, this is an experience they will take with them for the rest of their lives. It makes them eager to travel!

‘’What a fantastic tour this was! We booked the whole family tour with Witropa Travel. It fully adapted to our wishes. That was a lot, since we were traveling with small children. ’’ 

What activities can you do with your children?

There are plenty of activities to do that are super fun with children. We have listed the best family activities for you. Consider, for example, spotting animals in the jungle or swimming at a waterfall that you encounter while you are on your way to your next destination. If you choose to make a long vacation with your children, you are lucky to be in a country filled with the most beautiful natural waterfalls like mountainous Costa Rica. Take a dip in the clear water or try out your snorkel gear and the fun is complete.

Do you prefer a little more adventure? Then do the canopy tour or go rafting! Telling your child that he or she can swing through the jungle like Tarzan or Jane is a long-held wish. A tour like this consists of a route of several cables between treetops. Enjoy the speed, but especially the view! Some cables are up to a kilometer long. Your child will have the day of his life.

Do you want to see all the activities we offer, or do you have a special wish? Take a look at our range of activities!

‘’No long days with mandatory activities. Certainly because we traveled with small children, it was… Wonderful ’’

Is Costa Rica safe for children?

This, of course, is the main question families are concerned about, when planning a long trip with a child. Does my child like the food there? Shouldn’t we be traveling too long? What about vaccinations? Are there any dangerous animals there?

Of course I would like to point out that you have to be careful with valuables and don’t take long walks when it is dusk or dark. Lock your car properly and always take copies of important papers with you. Things you would also normally do in a city like, for example, London.

The people of Costa Rica are very friendly and helpful

Use the saying “pura vida” a few times a day and people will smile and start a conversation. What Pura Vida actually means is “enjoy”. If someone says Pura Vida to you, this actually means that you should thoroughly enjoy the moment and above all don´t worry about little things. Life in Costa Rica is pure and positive! Enjoy the time together!

‘’As a family with four children, we wanted to discover Costa Rica, with all its varieties and activities. But we also wanted to relax and stay in special locations. All this without traveling too long in the car with the six of us. A dip in a swimming pool was also important, after we had driven a few hours to a new destination. ’’


Of je nu houdt van avontuur, dieren spotten of rust, er zit voor iedereen iets leuks tussen! Hieronder de leukste activiteiten op een rijtje.

Wat kosten ze en hoelang duren de activiteiten?

Omdat je de activiteiten op meerdere bestemmingen kan doen, en we anderen al gratis weggeven in de Reisbeschrijving, staan er geen prijzen bij de activiteiten. Ook kunnen weersomstandigheden en seizoenen van invloed zijn op waar en wanneer je een bepaalde activiteit het beste kan doen. Hou rekening met ongeveer 30 tot 45 Euro per persoon voor wandel-, boot-  en cultuurexcursies die 2 a 3 uur duren. Adrenaline activiteiten zoals Canopy, Raften, Paardrijden en Tubing liggen eerder rond de 50 Euro en duren iets langer. Ook zijn er tours die extra lang duren en oplopen tot 70 Euro zoals Walvissen spotten of de nog duurdere excursies in Corcovado. We stellen onze klant vooraf altijd een optioneel pakket voor op basis van de aangegeven wensen. Voorbeelden van de gratis tours onderweg zijn: dieren hotspots, natuurparken, uitzichtpunten, leuke restaurantjes en zwemmen bij een waterval. Wil je graag meer weten over de activiteiten die op jouw route liggen of heb je een andere brandende vraag? Neem dan meteen contact op, en we helpen je met alle plezier verder.

Laatste Nieuws: vanaf 2020 wordt in Costa Rica een soort BTW belasting geheven (IVA genaamd) van 13%. Let op, onze prijzen voor het (optionele) excursiepakket  zijn inclusief deze belastingen! Je betaalt vooraf nooit meer voor die activiteiten dan als je ter plaatse zou doen.

Betrouwbare contacten door onze vestiging

Witropa Travel kent niet alleen de leukste plekjes van Costa Rica, maar heeft ook overal betrouwbare contacten. Omdat wij zelf in Costa Rica gevestigd zijn, kunnen we niet alleen snel schakelen, maar ook de juiste activiteiten en locaties regelen bij professionele Touroperators met leuke en capabele gidsen.


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