Oliver: “We had a great time here and saw small turtles hatching from their eggs on the beach.”

Montezuma is a place on the Nicoya peninsula, that was a small and difficult to reach fishing village until the 1980s. It is now mainly known as a real hippie village and the better infrastructure has ensured that there is a colorful group of people among the locals. You can travel to the small village by ferry, bus and / or car and and you will meet surfers, backpackers and eco-tourists in the village, but many of the visitors of the village really fall under the name “hippie”, simply because its a very popular place among this target group.

The center of Montezuma

The center of Montezuma consists of a maze of streets, where Argentine hippies sell their homemade jewelry and other items. There are also some good restaurants in the center of the village, where you can eat deliciously and in the evenings it is possible to watch a movie. There are some bars in the village, where you can enjoy Imperial beers and have fun until after midnight.

The center of the village is also called “MonteFuma” and this name comes from the many joints that are (illegally) smoked by the hippies who live in the old fishing village.

Activities in Montezuma

Various activities can be organized in Montezuma. It is possible to take surf lessons or to conquer the waves on your own. Swimming in one of the lakes at the three waterfalls near the village is also highly recommended. If you want to explore the green surroundings around the village, you can rent an ATV, a mountain bike, a scooter or a horse to go out into nature. If you prefer walking, you can explore the nature reserve on foot with or without a guide. Isla Tortuga is also definitely worth a visit: a beautiful green island that you can easily visit by boat from Montezuma.

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