James: “This was a nice ending, with a beautiful hotel, and not as developed as we thought, an experience by itself.”

Dominical is a small surfers village, located on a beautiful beach on the Pacific Ocean. What makes the beach of this place so special is that the tropical, swaying palm trees grow almost to the beach. This gives the beach a natural, soothing and special look and makes the beach unique from other beaches in Costa Rica.

Surf the vast beaches of Dominical

The reason the village has grown so big among surf enthusiasts has to do with the fact that the place is well known for the huge and spectacular waves. Many surfers come to the place, they all want to conquer the high waves by going into the water with the surfboard. You too can take some surf lessons over here. The waves are indeed spectacular and definitely worth it.

A quiet beach without many tourists

A big advantage of Dominical is that until recently this village was difficult to reach. As a result, the village has remained pleasantly small and not too many tourists come to the visit this place. The beaches are nice and quiet and you get all the space in the sea to conquer the high waves. You don’t see screaming tourists on crowded beaches when you go to Dominical, but you can really relax in the quiet surfers village, eat well in the tasteful restaurants and relax under on of the palm beaches close to the village.

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