Cahuita is a small creole coastal village in the east of Costa Rica, that is mainly known for the typical Caribbean atmosphere of the village. If you like reggae music and you like to relax between the rastas, then it is definitely worth visiting this laid back village.

Cahuita: the home of many Jamaican descendants

The population of the village of Cahuita mainly consists of Jamaican descendants who came to Costa Rica in the late nineteenth century. The reason they came to the country to help building the railroad tracks for the area’s various banana plantations. Because most people in Cahuita are Jamaican, the atmosphere and culture in the village is certainly unique. From authentic reggae music, caribbean food to laid back rastas on white beaches, you will find it all in Cahuita.

The beach of Cahuita

At the village of Cahuita you will find several beautiful white beaches. These beaches are not only notable for the white color of the sand, but also for the clear blue color of the sea. This color certainly invites you to take a refreshing dip into the sea. Because of the high temperatures in Cahuita, the water in the sea is quite warm and you will not cool off much when you take a dip.

Cahuita National Park: a special park on the outskirts of the village

Cahuita National Park is a special park on the outskirts of the village of Cahuita. The park stretches several kilometers to the southeast and lays between the Caribbean Sea and the road from Cahuita to Puerto Viejo de Talamanco. The park is definitely worth a visit, because it is not so crowded and you walk along the beach into the jungle. If you take a walk in the park, you will come into contact with capuchin monkeys, various beautiful bird species and crabs that you will not encounter in Europe and if you’re lucky, you can even see howler monkeys and sloths, which also live in the national park near the village.

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