Corona Proof through Costa Rica!

What is the situation like in the Covid-19 for travelers in Costa Rica right now?

In Costa Rica, the situation is getting better every day. The touristic areas have hardly been affected by the pandemic, almost everything is open and operational again, and professional protocols have been activated. Furthermore, Costa Rica is known for its sparsely populated areas and overwhelming nature, fortunately that has not changed!

How do we get Financial Security when we go to Costa Rica?

If you book trip with Witropa Travel before June 1, a deposit is not required and you are ensured to cancel the trip at a late time. We are very flexible and are in direct contact with the customer by email and whatsapp.

Is it true that traveling with Witropa Travel is Corona proof?

YES! Our product is Corona proof in all areas and the great thing is that we were already before the pandemic. So we are also experienced with it. We are on site in Costa Rica, have excellent local contacts and are very well informed about the latest news. Below more advantages:

  • Traveling through natural and sparsely populated areas
  • Availability of private rental car
  • Small-scale hotels in nature
  • The touristic areas of Costa Rica have not been affected
  • All hotels, shops and tour operators have professional protocols
  • There is hardly any ‘sitting indoors’ in Costa Rica, because of the warm weather windows and doors are always open, if there are any.
  • Costa Rica has the ‘Safe Travel stamp’
  • Witropa Travel = unburdening. Present on site, extensive local expertise and available 24/7 in your own language

What are the requirements to enter Costa Rica?

A PCR Test is NOT obligatory

  1. Enter the Health Pass Form:
  2. You need an insurance that covers Covid19. If you don’t have your own, we offer a reliable Costa Rican one.