Activities on the go

Without some activities you will not discover Costa Rica completely. With Witropa Travel, your travel days are also be highlights as well! Thanks to our extensive directions , you will not only be guided from hotel to hotel, but in between you will also receive all kinds of tips for fun stops and activities.

Various activities

There are places with breathtaking views where a photo cannot be missed, you will discover nice fruit shops or local shops along the side of the road. There are fantastic animal hotspots where you can see coatis, howler monkeys or iguanas up close. And of course the nature parks where you can take a lovely hike or take a refreshing dip at a waterfall.

There are suitable activities for everyone. Young or old, whether you like a lot of action or more peace and nature. Costa Rica has a lot to offer.

When will I receive these activities?

No matter which vacation you will book, every Witropa traveler will receive their own directions with these customized tips. Indicate your preferences for your perfect tour, or choose one of our existing sample tours and make a few adjustments. We will then ensure that you´ll receive directions, plus tips for getting off while traveling.

What kind of activities can you expect?

In our newsletter, in mail 7, we give away a few previews on hotspots that you can visit. These are some places that you will normally not visit as a tourist. It gives you the experience that you are exploring a total different world. You can inquire for the newsletter on the right.

What kind of activities are these? Think of:

  • Tasteful and Idyllic restaurants
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Places where you can spot unique animals
  • Special swimming spots, such as under a waterfall
  • Magnificent views

Do you want to know what you can see on your own Costa Rica trip? Please contact us, and we will let you experience the tour in advance.